The basics

What it does

nPlantStatus is an app that allows you to receive up to the minute updates on your plant's stats from your iPhone and iPad, so you know what's going on anytime, anywhere. Settings are completely configurable, so it can do exactly what you need it to.

Why it's useful

If you ever need to check plant stats when away from the main computer, this is the solution for you. If you need to see how a change is affecting plant performance, simply open the nPlantStatus app from your iPhone or iPad to see – it updates every minute.

Try the demo

The npsDemo data is created on a periodic basis from the nHance servers. The data consists of a mixture of static data, random generated data, and oscillating functions.


nPlantStatus currently holds two possible forms: an iPad or iPhone app, or a web app.

Mobile App

Download to your device for a fully configurable experience.
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Web App

If a mobile app doesn't quite fit your needs, a web version can fill in.
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